Computer One

One of the best computer repair shops in Chicago. The website was built using the Get Simple CMS.

As you can see it has a simple, clean design, easy to read and navigate. It's also very fast and easy to find on Google and all the other search engines.

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KD Flooring

One of the best hardwood flooring companies in Chicago.

The website was built using WordPress because of the special requirement from the owner to include an online booking tool on his website.

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Master Wire

One of the best electrical contractors in Chicago area asked us to build their online presence.

We did using Bootstrap. Because of that the website is extremely fast and it looks great.

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Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity

A great orthodox charity whose goal is to help the poor, the neglected and the sick children of Romania. If you have a moment you should visit their website and read about their great work.

We used WordPress to build the website.

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